I'm Eric, or "E," as friends call me — a hobbyist photographer passionate about exploring nature's dynamic elements. In a world of A.I. generation and too-perfect-looking images, I vowed to keep my photography authentic and edits to a minimum. What you see in my images is what you see in nature. 
I immerse myself in nature's tonic by seeking textured landscapes below moody skies and stealthily pursuing wildlife in their remote habitats. Whether four-wheeling on gnarly dirt roads, hiking into remote wilderness areas, or finding solace awaiting perfect light, I strive to capture life's elements in a single composure. 

So, get lost in the images– Let your eyes dance and your mind wanderlust; enjoy the journey!
To illuminate all the colors and textures within the photos, please take a moment right now to turn your monitor to its brightest settingThank you!

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