We were on a 14-hour layover in Doha, Qatar, and I hired a driver to take us around the city to explore each area and enjoy the local culture and cuisine.

Living in the valley of Phoenix for 25 years, I thought I knew what hot was. I've even experienced many places on the south and east coast in summer with sweltering heat and 100% humidity.
I can tell you without a doubt that I was not prepared for what hit us as we walked out the airport doors at 6 pm, just as the sunset in Doha. I went into an instant full-body sweat. As we toured each city area, I would exit our SUV and immediately wipe the fog off my lens before every photograph. 

The city is only about 20 years old; the buildings are high-tech and have unique architecture. One area we went to (see the last two photos) was a plaza with long black grates designed into the floor where air conditioning was pumping out of them and creating a 72-degree outdoor environment.
The costs of this are not an issue as the country brings in 192 billion dollars from primarily natural gas.

Oh, and that 192 billion dollars is per day, every day of the year, with a 100-year supply in inground storage tanks! 
Below, the Qatar National Museum called "La Rose des Sables," designed by famous French architect Jean Nouvel was inspired by the desert rose crystal, which can be found in Qatar. 
Outdoor shopping plaza where the long black grates in the floor pump out air conditioning, keeping it cool outside. 
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