Exit Glacier, near Seward.
Lynn Canal is the continent's longest and deepest glacial fjord which stretches over 100 miles long and is over 2,000 feet deep. This was in route between Haines & Juneau.
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
Chilkoot Lake outside of Haines.
Willow Ptarmigan
The Story behind the photo below. I was driving on a grey, overcast day along the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountain Range, and just then, I see a single beam of light pierce through the clouds and land on a fog bank sitting on top of a butte. It looked like a rainbow bent into a perfect circle. I could not pull over to shoot it as a semi-truck was behind me, and I had no shoulder to pull off. I hit the gas and sped up to get ahead and find a place to pull over. There was no view for the next 5 minutes as I went through the forest. As I was freaking out, I got a peek at the view going 80, hit the brakes, and was able to pull over. I jumped out and ran up a ridge with two cameras in hand; my heart was fully raging, and I could barely steady myself to get this shot just before the sunbeam disappeared. Although the sphere had flattened, I have never seen this effect before and probably will never again. A moment in nature I will never forget!
Matanuska Glacier
The photos below are from North of the Arctic Circle. I drove the Dalton "Highway" from Fairbanks to Deadhorse and back again (over two days) down the same rough dirt road, which is around 1,000 miles. Deadhorse is as far north as you can drive in the U.S., where the road ends at the Arctic Ocean, a sea of mostly ice, and where the Alaskan pipeline begins. It was in June, a time of year when the sun never set.
Halfway up, heading north with a stop in Coldfoot for gas at 7.90 a gallon and a meal at the trucker all-you-can-eat buffet, the only place within hundreds of miles.
A good section of the road goes through the 12% grade Atigun Pass through the Brooks Range. 
Tundra Swans
Pink-footed geese
Reindeer or Caribou 
Musk Ox is a native of the Arctic.
The Alaska Pipeline with oil heading toward Valdez.
Long-tailed Ducks resting on an ice ledge in the Arctic Ocean.
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